Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why People Go For The Traditional Look In Wooden Staircases?

Do you know about the different styles in wooden staircases? If no, then you must know that mainly there are two styles – traditional and modern. Traditional is a style that provides the old fashioned look in interior while the modern one shows the more of latest designs in wooden stairs.

However, many people go for the traditional look in wooden staircases. Why? Here is the answer –

A homey look – These wooden stairs provide a homey look to your house’s interior, which is an aspect that everyone wants to obtain for their homes. It adds an old fashioned yet comfortable style to your house. It shows character, which attracts attention.

Simply exquisite – Simple designs of traditional staircases look simply exquisite in a home. Their simple, beautiful and alluring designs give a contemporary look to your interior. It can easily blend with your interior effectively increasing the beauty of your house.

Many options in wood – In modern stairways, usually other materials are included too such as metal and glass. On the other hand, traditional stairs are usually made up of wood including treads and hand rails. So, you can get many options in wood to choose from.

It includes woods like cherry, oak, maple, poplar, Brazilian cherry, and more. You can choose any of these woods for your staircases.

Safety – Traditional stairways are built with proper handrails, large treads etc. They are usually designed in curved or straight style. They are simple designs, which make stairs safer especially for small children and elders. With handrail, it becomes easier for one to ascend or descend staircases. Compared to some modern styles where design is complex, it is a much safer option.

If completed with custom wood handrails and balusters, traditional stairways can be the perfect choice for your house. However, you must choose a style that can blend perfectly with your home’s interior.

There are many wooden stairs manufacturers who can design and make the perfect staircases for your residential building. You can share your style and design ideas with these manufacturers to get desired results.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Features That Make Spiral Stairs The Best Choice For Small Houses

Do you only a little room left for staircases in your new home? Is the lack of space in the house causing problems for you to decide on the type of stairs? In these situations, wooden spiral staircases might be the best solution for you. Following are the top features that make these stairs the best choice for your small home –
 It can be installed in small spaces – These staircases take up very little room, which allows them to fit in small spaces. It can provide convenient access to different floors of house while occupying small space. Compare to the traditional ones, these stairways can be installed in small and congested places.
However, you can get these stairways in different sizes too, depending on the space you have planned for it. It can easily complete your house’s requirements. This is the reason why these wooden stairways are considered the best for small homes where space is an issue.
It comes in various beautiful designs – It gives an artistic appearance to your house with its delicate and exquisite designs. You can choose an attractive design in these wooden staircases. It can also match with the existing features of your interior, which can increase the beauty of your home. Therefore, it provides a unique look to your interior with its curves and spirals.
It can easily blend in interior whether it is modern or old-fashioned. It makes these stairs one of the most favored choice of people for homes. Compare to regular stairways, it brings a refreshing variation for your interior. You can also get custom designs for your home that shows your style in interior.
It is cost effective – Spiral stairs are also a cost effective option for those who are on a budget. It can be installed at relatively less cost compare to traditional ones. It is smaller and easier to build as well as install. It reduces your costs on its installation.
However, you must know that wooden stairways require maintenance too. With some regular cleaning, these staircases can last for years while maintaining its natural beauty. If you are looking for a space saving and exquisite option in stairs, then spiral is the best choice for you. But, you should always make sure that these staircases meet the requirements of your building codes. It usually includes treads’ height, width, stairs design and more.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Did you know why homeowners choose spiral staircases over other options?

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Whether you are searching for a staircase design for your new property or want to upgrade the existing one to beautify it, your search ends with a spiral staircase. It adds elegance to house with its nice and stylish look. Spiral staircase is one of the finest ways to brighten up your entire house, especially when designed and installed by a professionals of the industry.
There are number of reasons behind increasing popularity of spiral stairs and some of the main reasons why people prefer to invest in them are given below-

It Saves Space- One of the main reasons why people prefer spiral staircase is because it takes less space than other available options. There are particularly convenient for small houses or properties with limited spaces.

Economical Alternative- It is a cost-effective option, as these staircases are easier to design and install. It reduces the labor cost and enables homeowners to get the job done in their preferred budget. Thus, it is also an ideal choice for people with limited or restricted budget.

Customizing Options- There is no shortage of shapes and styles and these stairs can be used for both indoors as well as outside. One can also get it customized to suit their desires or requirements. You can get it all organized as per your comfort.

Even Though you can get your spiral staircase made of any material whether it’s glass, iron, or steel, but wood is the most preferred material because of its durability, sophistication and natural appearance. Wood is considered to be the safest option when it comes to sudden falls or slips, especially when you have kids and elder people in your family. On the other hand, it requires less maintenance and you can expect to last it for decades.

To get a wooden spiral staircases that will redefine the beauty and elegance of your house, you need to get in touch with professional wooden staircase manufacturers. These experts of the industry use their years of experience and knowledge to design and install a staircase that will give your house more sophisticated look and will increase its value. Do not make any final choice until you have a good idea about the staircase and the contractor who will be working for you.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Are You Considering Straight Staircase For Your House? Here Are Few Advantages!

Medium that connects two levels of floors in a building is staircase. These are of variant types. Most commonly build staircase in houses are straight stairs. In contrast to curved staircase, which consists of landing in between, these are straight in design and have no landing.

Here are few of the advantages of straight staircases-
Affordable- Construction of straight staircase cost less as compared to other types of staircases such as U-shaped or curved. This is because building such staircase requires no complex construction.
Easy to build- Construction process of such stairs is much simpler as compared to other types because no landing is there and no curves are required to construct when building curved stairway.
Less time consuming- With easy to build feature, these stairways take less time for construction in construct a curved or platform staircase.
Elegant look- With simplicity of straight staircase also come elegance. Material used for building straight staircase provides an elegant look adding beauty to the house.
Uninterrupted view- People walking on these stairs have a clear view as compared to curve stairs that has a risk of colliding with the other person coming from the other end.
Safety- With feature of uninterrupted view safety is also assured because it offers a clear view of the stairs. Hence, there is lower chance of falling or colliding in straight stairways in contrast to curved staircases because a lot of attention is required when going up or down on curved stairs.
Wide design options- Just like curved stairways add beauty to the house straight staircase can also provide an attractive look. With wide design and material options such, as wood or glass it also provides a unique touch to the ambiance of house.
From the above provided information, you must have got an idea about the advantages of straight stairs. So, if you are planning to build your house or reconstruct it, then do not miss out this most important factor of building staircase.
Before you finalize a staircase, make sure you have taken three factors into consideration-
  1. Architects perspective- Foremost aspect before finalizing a staircase is having words with architect. According to the size and aesthetics of your house, he will help you out in choosing the best stairways.
  2. Resident perspective- Next factor to consider is resident perspective about the stairs. According to the usability, size, and space of the house best stairs are to be selected.
  3. Monetary perspective- With looks and quality of stairs come money factor as well that completely depends on the clients pocket.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Which Type Of Stair Will Suit Your Home Best?

Are you planning to build your home, renovate, or revamp your staircase? Be it any reason, staircase is the focal point in the home architecture, thus needs to be according todays modern designs. 
Different type and styles are available in staircase that you can choose for your home and include your home in the list of modern homes.
Before you choose any type of stairs, you first need to determine which type will best fit into your home floor plan.
Typically, 5 type of stairs are popularly chosen by homeowners
  • Straight run stair- As the name implies, these stairs are straight in look wise. Typically, used in homes where a lot of space is available. The advantage of these stairs include it is easy to climb, easy to build, no landing required and measuring of railing can easily be done.
  • L-Shaped Stair- These stairs can be built in any home space (more or less). These stairs have a 90-degree turn at the landing. The advantage of these stairs include attractive, safer than straight stairs and landing provide a place to stop.
  • U-Shaped Stair- These stairs are optimal for homes where tighter floor plans and multi-level structures are there. Either a wide or a narrow U-Shape of stairs can be built, depending on the space of home. The advantage of U-shaped stairs include fit into an architectural plan, offer a resting point and attractive.
  • Spiral Stair- This is most optimal choice of staircase for many homeowners. The elegance look and minimal amount of space that it occupies are the two factors why this staircase is center of attraction of many homes. The advantage of these stairs include compactness, used extensively on city lofts, attractive, and no need of extra support structures.
  • Curved stair- These stairs are curved in shape and are designed in a spiral formation. The advantage of these stairs include elegant, and easy to walk up.
  • Winder stairs-These stairs are variation of L shaped stairs. At the rest point, the stair is of pie shaped or triangular steps. Advantage of winder stairs include require less space than other types of stairs and attractive.
Keep in mind each of the aforementioned stair types and ask your designer to provide you different staircases design from which you can choose the best one that fits right and add elegance into your home.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why You Should Consider Wood for Your Stair Railings Material?

Stairs without the stair railings give you the feeling of being incomplete. It is not just essential to give your stairs the complete look, but also provides a good solid support to it. When it comes to stair railings, there is no shortage of choices, as you can choose them from a variety of colors, materials, styles and price ranges.

However, wooden railings are the most popular choice among many available options. This is because wood is a perfect choice for an elegant, yet simple and decent affect. It will earn you special attention of the visitors with its classy organic appeal. On the other hand, wood is a material that never goes out of fashion and gives you the privilege to match the color of stair railing with your furniture and other home decors. To add more, you can choose them for both indoor and outdoor stairs.
If you take care of your wooden stair railings in a proper manner, you can surely expect them last for decades. It is a perfect choice for the nature lovers because it keeps them close to the nature. You can make a selection from a wide range of available wood species that can include oak, poplar, maple, cherry and many more. You can also make them appear as your custom stair railings by getting them painted the way you want, to give your property a new and fresh look.
However, when looking for a stair-railing manufacturer, it is vital to look for a professional of the industry. This is because these experts use their years of experience and computer-aided designs to deliver railings that suit and match the exact needs of your house. You also need to check samples of their previous work to get an overview of their expertise. Nonetheless, you should not make the final call before finalizing the total cost of the entire project, as it is one of the most vital considerations.

Monday, 24 August 2015

4 Reasons why You Should Invest in Custom Spiral Staircases

Do you wonder why majority of the people choose or prefer spiral staircases when many other options are available? Well, this is because they add more beauty and value to your property, especially when made from the wood. Yes, wood is a classic material that is safe, attractive, and natural. It makes your staircase the prime attraction and helps you catch the attention of the visitors.
However, go through factors given below to know and understand what custom spiral staircases can offer you-
  1. Space Saving- Spiral staircases are the most compact out of all available options that allow you to have more space. Therefore, if your home has small or limited space, it is the ideal option for you, as they can be built to any requirement and can be installed even in the smallest of areas.
  2. Beautify Home- These staircases are perfect for making you look unique and beautiful. By selecting a custom design for your stairs, you can make it the main attraction of your living room or entrance way. These are ideal combination of form and function.
  3. Budget Friendly- It is a cost-effective option for you because these stairs are easy to assemble and install, which simply means less labor. Therefore, if you want to save money or are on a budget, you must go with this option without a second thought.
  4. Match with Interiors- Another reason to select these staircases is that you can easily get them designed the way that it perfectly fits in with all the interiors. When you choose wooden spiral staircase, it can easily match tastes and styles of your home décor.
However, it is vital for you to look for a reliable wooden stair manufacturer in order to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Look for a professional with years of experience in industry because they can help you achieve desired results using their experience, computer-aided designs, and vast knowledge.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Why Wooden Spiral Staircases always give an edge over others?

Many items of home décor have the ability to transform the entire appearance of your home. Your staircase is one of those interior decorations that can glamorize your home. Whether you are planning for home renovation or planning for few specific improvements only, you must consider a wooden staircase due to various reasons. Wood is an elegant material that is highly preferred for its beauty, class and organic appeal. 

Wood not only keeps you closer to the nature, but also provides benefits associated with safety. Yes, sudden falls or slips can be nasty, but wooden staircase can significantly reduce the extent of these incidents. There are plenty of options to choose from, as you can go with various types of wooden stairs such as straight, curved, winder, spiral, etc. Among all available options, wooden spiral staircase is the most elegant option for your home that can offer you many advantages such as below-
  • One of the biggest advantages of choosing these staircases is that it allows you to create lot of space. Yes, it requires very little space compared to others, thus enables you to have some additional room.
  • It’s a cost-effective option as compared to other types of staircases because they are easy to design and install. It can be a great advantage for you if you are on a budget.
  • Wooden spiral stairs have strong aesthetical appeal that can surely add value to your home. It can also play a significant role when if you are planning to resell your house.
When looking for a custom wooden spiral stairs manufacturer in New York, it is vital to look for one with proven expertise in the arena. You need to ensure that you are going to rely on a professional with years of experience that will use their computer-aided designs to manufacturer the staircase based on your specific requirements only, that suits the setting of your house.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Which type of wood is considered the best for stairs?

Wooden stairs have been a vital part of any building whether commercial or residential. However, choosing one type of wood for stairs can be a little confusing as there are many different kinds. So, which one you should choose for your house? Which one is the best type of wood for staircases?

Here are the features and qualities of different timber types that can help in making one choice –
Oak – It is known for its strength and is very durable. It can resist various harmful factors such as shrinking, cracking and warping. This is the reason why it becomes most house owners’ choice when it comes to wooden staircases. There are different types of oaks such as white and red. Choose the most apposite one for your home’s stairs.
Poplar – It is another strong wood that is used to build stairways. It is usually light in color but it can be painted according to interior (if necessary). It is a rather flexible hardwood, which makes easier for manufacturer to build and install staircases. It is also available in different kinds or color, which widens the range of options for you. Choose the one that matches your interior or one that can be turned to match your house’s interior.
Cherry – Cherry is available in various dark shades. In addition, it may darken over time. It is one of the most common timbers used to building stairways. Reasons behind its immense popularity are durability, excellent colors, and strength. It can give your home a classy look with its elegance and sophisticated shades.
Maple – This wood is known for its excellent finish. It is available in multiple shades and with grain, which increases your options. It is included in hardwood and widely used for stairs building all around the world.
Santos mahogany – It is one of the top quality dark colored woods, which is used for stairways building. It is known for its durability and excellent texture. It can resist various outside harming factors, which increases its life.
Brazilian cherry – It is a strong wood that helps in building strong staircases. It has resistance for several factors, which makes it durable.
From above mentioned or other options, you must choose the best wood (according to your requirements and budget) for building stairs at your home. In addition, get custom stairways and stair railings, which not only suits your house’s interior, but also provides convenience.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Landing in wooden stairs – A beautiful necessity!

Straight, spiral and curved, are few of the various types of wooden staircases that people get installed in their buildings. Many people also get landing in their stairs. But, what is a landing?
It is a flat part in stairways, which can be fitted anywhere whether right in the middle, or near ending or near the start. Its size depends on your requirements or staircase design. Its size also depends on the type of stairs you are installing.

In which stairways, you can get landing fitted?
In both straight and curved wooden staircases, you can get a perfect flat part between treads. In straight types, people usually get landing fitted if there are too many treads. It is installed to break the continuous part of treads on straight stairways. Furthermore, people get this flat space in curved stairs too. It is fitted where the curve is in curved stairs. Sometimes, people use it to connect two parts of stair effectively creating an L shape. However, it cannot be fitted in the spiral stairways.
What are the benefits of landing?
It has various benefits such as –
  • It provides a place to stop, rest and breathe while ascending or descending the treads of long stairs. This resting place is very essential for elder people and children. Along with the support of wooden railing, it can be very beneficial for climbers.
  • If someone falls on the staircases, landing stops them from tumbling too far. It works like a protection ground, which stops the fall. It protects people from getting more injured by falling on more treads.
  • Whether it straight wooden stairways or curved ones, it provides a flat piece of space, which one can use to decorate with decorative pieces, flower pots and more. It increases the appeal of your interior along with the convenience factor.
Some people also get windows near landings (if wooden staircases are installed near wall). Not only it provides good lighting for stairways, but it also adds the exquisiteness factor to interior. If you are planning to install new stairs to your house or workplace, then you must discuss the possibility of a landing with your staircase manufacturer. Hire a manufacturer who provides custom stairs services in New York or your region. They can provide you essential advice regarding staircases, resting space etc., on the basis of space, budget, design and more.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Wooden spiral staircases – A classy addition to your home

Wooden stairs are installed in homes and residential buildings for convenience as well as for style. There are various types of wooden staircases from which you can choose the most apposite one for your house. Spiral stairs are most people’s choice as it is considered the perfect combination of convenience and style.

Wooden spiral stairways provide access to the other floors of house just like any other stairs. But, it provides a more sophisticated look for your interior. Here are the benefits of spiral stairs –
Fits in limited space – It can fit in a limited space since it requires less area. You can get it installed in your home if there is limited space left for stairs. It can solve your problem for installing stairways in a small area. This is the reason why it is considered the best option for those buildings where space is an issue. If area is one of your issues too, then this is the best choice.
Stylishness – It is considered the most stylish option with its exquisite curves. It provides a sophisticated look with its spiral design. On the other hand, there are numerous styles and design options in wooden spiral stairways. You can get the most appropriate one that suits your house’s interior. It can provide a unique look to your home with beautiful appearance. Usually, these staircases match every type of interior whether traditional or modern.
Wood options – You must choose the finest wood for stairways. It ensures the long life of stairs. There are many choices in woods, which includes maple, polar, cherry, oak, Brazilian cherry, Santos mahogany, and more. All these woods are considered good as they are strong and durable. Discuss your options with manufacturer and get the most apposite one. Choose one that is durable and requires less maintenance.
You can also get custom spiral staircases, if you want an exclusive look for your house. In addition, it can be a classy addition to your home. You must hire a professional stairs manufacturer who can provide custom results for your house. Discuss your style, budget, and other option with these professionals and get desired results.
Furthermore, you must choose a manufacturer who is known for quality work. Choose professionals that have a reputation for delivering quality results in time limit and in a reasonable price. You should also choose manufacturer who provides inclusive services. It includes designing, manufacturing, and installation services. These professionals can turn your dream into reality with their custom woodwork.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Did you know why to choose wooden staircases over concrete?

Wood is one of the finest materials that have gained acceptance of millions of homeowners throughout the world when it comes to interiors and furnishings. In every home, you can easily find something made of wood, as it’s a natural and classic material. When it comes to stairs, there are different materials to choose from, but wood still remains to be the popular choice due to numerous reasons. Majority of the homeowners use this incredible material to add style, elegance, safety and value to their property.

To get the clear understanding, you can go through reasons given below that why you should prefer wood materials such as concrete.
Safety- it is a safer material to use, as compared to other materials like concrete. Yes, falling on a wooden staircase would cause less damage because of the better cushioning it offers. It becomes an ideal choice for homeowners with kids and older people.
Natural & Durable- Wood is a natural material that keeps you in touch with the nature. On the other hand, it’s a structurally strong and durable material compared to concrete and other materials. It can last for years, especially when looked after appropriately.
Easy Renovation- If you decide to go with the wooden material, it will be easier for you to renovate or make changes to your staircase compared to concrete. You can also get them fixed quickly compared to other materials.
Best look- It is the best material, if you are looking for an elegant material that completes the look of your house and gives you a welcoming feel every time you enter. On the other hand, concrete is a good choice for the corporate environments.
Above given are the main reasons why you should prefer wooden materials over concrete. With the help of a professional custom molding manufacturer in Staten Island, you can achieve results that you want or prefer. Yes, a little research on the web can find you names of reliable manufacturers that you can select for your staircase project. However, it will be only your responsibility to make sure that you look for an expert of the industry with a proven track record in handling wooden materials.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How Wooden Staircases Can Conceptualize Your House’s Interiors?

Whether you are designing a new home or trying to modernize your present one, you do need the right kind of designer staircase, as it can add a unique sense of style to your house. Elegantly designed staircase draws everyone’s attention. However, at the time of designing stairs, several things should be kept in mind, like-
  • The staircase should be in sync with the style of the rest of the house.
  • How much space do you want to invest?
  • Do you want it smart and trendy or vintage and classy?
Stairs are used very frequently, so you cannot ignore its functional aspect as well.
Different materials used for staircases like wood, steel, or marble provide a different sense of styling. However, it has been seen that most of the people go for wooden staircases due to their durability and styling quotient.
In wood, there are different options like Brazilian cherry, oak, cherry, maple, poplar etc.
Open riser stairs are in trend these days. These stairs provide the mean of spreading the light through the core of the rooms. Open risers work well with large as well as small areas.
They are engineered using either steel rods or half-shaped riser down stands to uphold conformity with building convention.
Wooden Staircases are categorized into various types-
  • Hexagonal geometry stairs- these stairs have wooden steps that are hexagonal in shape and provides support with stainless steel made rods.
  • Integrated column stairs – this kind of stair case consists of fewer spirals made up from wood.
  • Saddle stairs- these stairs do not consist of risers. The steps are put on the rise triangle shape.
  • Inserted stairs- Steps of these staircases are slid into insertion opening. These stairs do not have risers.
  • Mortised stairs- each step is inserted into the holes and have risers.