Thursday, 24 September 2015

Which Type Of Stair Will Suit Your Home Best?

Are you planning to build your home, renovate, or revamp your staircase? Be it any reason, staircase is the focal point in the home architecture, thus needs to be according todays modern designs. 
Different type and styles are available in staircase that you can choose for your home and include your home in the list of modern homes.
Before you choose any type of stairs, you first need to determine which type will best fit into your home floor plan.
Typically, 5 type of stairs are popularly chosen by homeowners
  • Straight run stair- As the name implies, these stairs are straight in look wise. Typically, used in homes where a lot of space is available. The advantage of these stairs include it is easy to climb, easy to build, no landing required and measuring of railing can easily be done.
  • L-Shaped Stair- These stairs can be built in any home space (more or less). These stairs have a 90-degree turn at the landing. The advantage of these stairs include attractive, safer than straight stairs and landing provide a place to stop.
  • U-Shaped Stair- These stairs are optimal for homes where tighter floor plans and multi-level structures are there. Either a wide or a narrow U-Shape of stairs can be built, depending on the space of home. The advantage of U-shaped stairs include fit into an architectural plan, offer a resting point and attractive.
  • Spiral Stair- This is most optimal choice of staircase for many homeowners. The elegance look and minimal amount of space that it occupies are the two factors why this staircase is center of attraction of many homes. The advantage of these stairs include compactness, used extensively on city lofts, attractive, and no need of extra support structures.
  • Curved stair- These stairs are curved in shape and are designed in a spiral formation. The advantage of these stairs include elegant, and easy to walk up.
  • Winder stairs-These stairs are variation of L shaped stairs. At the rest point, the stair is of pie shaped or triangular steps. Advantage of winder stairs include require less space than other types of stairs and attractive.
Keep in mind each of the aforementioned stair types and ask your designer to provide you different staircases design from which you can choose the best one that fits right and add elegance into your home.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Why You Should Consider Wood for Your Stair Railings Material?

Stairs without the stair railings give you the feeling of being incomplete. It is not just essential to give your stairs the complete look, but also provides a good solid support to it. When it comes to stair railings, there is no shortage of choices, as you can choose them from a variety of colors, materials, styles and price ranges.

However, wooden railings are the most popular choice among many available options. This is because wood is a perfect choice for an elegant, yet simple and decent affect. It will earn you special attention of the visitors with its classy organic appeal. On the other hand, wood is a material that never goes out of fashion and gives you the privilege to match the color of stair railing with your furniture and other home decors. To add more, you can choose them for both indoor and outdoor stairs.
If you take care of your wooden stair railings in a proper manner, you can surely expect them last for decades. It is a perfect choice for the nature lovers because it keeps them close to the nature. You can make a selection from a wide range of available wood species that can include oak, poplar, maple, cherry and many more. You can also make them appear as your custom stair railings by getting them painted the way you want, to give your property a new and fresh look.
However, when looking for a stair-railing manufacturer, it is vital to look for a professional of the industry. This is because these experts use their years of experience and computer-aided designs to deliver railings that suit and match the exact needs of your house. You also need to check samples of their previous work to get an overview of their expertise. Nonetheless, you should not make the final call before finalizing the total cost of the entire project, as it is one of the most vital considerations.