Sunday, 24 June 2018

6 Steps To Restore A Staircase With Wooden Banisters And Railings

The wooden staircase is an iconic part of the home. The staircase offers a great deal of character to a home for a long period. But improper care, wear, and tear may lead to a lot of problems such as- damage of wood, uneven layering of paint, steps of the staircase, the collapse of the railing. To treat such problems we have mentioned some of the points that may help you.

 Stripping The Paint- This is the common problem which occurs after 10 to 12 years of manufacturing of the staircase. The first option is to paint it over the existing paint. Although, it is a bit tough to have a smooth finish so it is better to strip the paint before repainting.

Sanding- After completing the stripping, use drop materials in your work area and sand the balusters, tread, and railings with 100-grit sanding pads. This will remove all the unsmooth areas or surface and wipe the hand railing. With the wood putty, the large imperfections can be filled. 

Staining- After sanding, remove the excess stains. Before doing anything just check the small cracks, holes, etc with a dry brush. For the types of woods such as- oak and mahogany, the stain must be applied with a bristle brush so that the pores become sealed. Repeat it to have a smooth surface and allow it to dry for one night.

Clear-Coat- With the help of a clear brush, apply a clear coat to preserve the rails. This will preserve and protect the railing from the wear and tear that is caused when it is being used on the regular basis by many people. Leave the clear coat, before proceeding for next step.

Primers- As premiers block the stains and provide better quality to the paints, you can choose the primer according to your wood type.

Applying Paint- Spray paint is one of the best options for the huge staircases. In addition to this, you can opt for the standard paintbrush method as it will protect the nearby walls and furniture properly. Two to three coats of the paint are enough to get the perfect finish.

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Friday, 1 June 2018

4 Tips For The Design Phase Of The Wooden Spiral Staircases

One of the most important phases during remodeling or construction of a spiral staircase is the design phase. It is the time when the styling and the design of the spiral staircase is determined.  A wrong design can hurt style and elegance of the home. This is the reason why it is important that you hire the experts in the wooden spiral staircases industry. 


Here are a few designing tips to help you design the right spiral staircase:
  • Open Concept - One of the concepts that is trending in the real estate is the concept of the open area. This concept is easily defined by the fewer walls and minimizing the objects that obstruct life. The wooden spiral staircases fit right in the open concept. A free standing spiral staircase on the concrete floor is the unique fixture that any person with interest in minimalism and small footprint will want.
  • The Look and Function of Metal - Unlike a years back, wood is not only material used in the spiral staircase. The metal is in. Along with the industrial setting, the metal is smartly and sophisticatedly used in the staircase. The metal gives a clean and chic look to the home. It is also right material if you want an outdoor spiral staircase. The trend of mixed materials for the staircase is in and so are the decorative stainless handrails.
  • Color Selection - Another reason to need an expert is to create the right color scheme. It can the coordinating color or a contrasting. Black iron staircase with neutral shade go well. The wooden spiral staircases can be modern, cozy, sleek and even dramatic. It all depends how to choose the color tones and work with them. The wooden spiral staircases come in a variety of colors, all you need is an expert to help you sort it out.
  • Affordability - If you are thinking that the wooden spiral staircases would be extremely expensive, then they are wrong. The staircases add value to your home and can be customized to fit the home and property.
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Friday, 18 May 2018

Some Important Things To Consider While Building A Home

There are so many things that need a lot of to planning when building a new house. If you are planning to construct a new house, then read the following things carefully. As there are some of the basic things that people ignore but they are very important in setting a strong foundation of the house.

The first and the most important thing is the idea and design of the house. For example- house must have enough ventilation and windows for the natural light and air circulation. The interior space must be linked to the outside of nature so that you can connect to nature easily. If you are going to construct a concrete house, then the foundation must be deeper and stronger with the combination of construction material.


Hire The Right People- The life of a house is usually more than 25 years. It's important that the construction of the house is done by experienced and skilled people. Before hiring the builders you must interact with the architectures and builders and discuss the things which you want in your house. This will reduce the miscommunication gap which sometimes is the main reason for construction hacks.

Switches & Electrical Outlets- Switches & electrical outlets is another important thing which must be adequate in numbers. Moreover, the place of the electrical outlets must be easily accessible. Although, it is a major part of the design. According to the utilities, the plugs must be installed at accurate places.

Drainage System- Drains which work well is necessary. The connections must be leakage proof as if the drainage system is of low quality then it will affect the whole construction material and other things of your home. In addition to this, check the drainage during the building process.

Stairs- This is one of the major features of your house that can enhance the appearance of your house. Wooden custom stairs are one of the best ideas to choose. Wooden stairs look awesome and add the elegance which increases the beauty of your house.

Constructing a house is always a bit stressful because you always want to have the best in your house but at the same time, it is interesting, exciting and memorable too. If you have any query related to the above-mentioned points, click here.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

3 tips to find right tone and color of wood for custom stairs

There are endless ways to create perfect stairs. There are numerous ways to customize the wooden stairs. The best way is to match the wooden accents with the texture of the wood. Whether you have wooden stairs  in your home or at your workplace, a classic wooden trim or a perfect wood accent can balance out the whole room. Right style of stairs also enhances the features and balances the room putting a impact on the ambience of the room.

Selecting right kind of wood tone is crucial. It is the wood tone that sets the mood in the place. A simple room can be transformed into a perfect office or bedroom. Here are a few tips for selecting the right tone and color of the wood for your custom stairs.

Accent Wood with Cool Colors
If your room has cool colors such as purple, blue o green, then you should opt staircases made from rich wood colors such as oak, hickory of redwood. These woods would make your room look large, cool and calm. These woods are also perfect for custom staircases that are installed in small spaces with loads of natural light.

Accent Wood with Warm Colors

The warm colors blend with the warm tone of wood all the while reducing the contrast. These tones can make the room look friendlier and smaller. Thus, they are perfect for large living areas. Add yellow, red or orange tone to create a cozy and glowing ambience.

Keeping It Neutral

One of the most easiest ways to coordinate the colors in any room - large or small- is to opt for neutrals. With neutral colors, the undertone of wood does not matter. Colors such as taupe, ivory, gray, white or beige soften the undertone and go well with the wood of any shade. It also means that you will be able to decorate your room with bold accent colors and add a character to your room with bright throw pillows, curtains and more.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Some Different Types of Furniture that you can Customize for your House

Ready-made things are sometimes considered as one of the easiest ways that can enhance the look of your house. But the things which are customized give a unique look. There are many things that you can customize for your house to improve its appearance and furniture is something that can actually transform the look of the house. Below are some of the items that you can customize according to your budget, requirement, and needs.

Flooring- Wooden flooring is preferred in the areas where there is low temperature. Wood is considered as one of the materials that can resist heat up to an extent. This is why people use wooden flooring. In addition to that, it causes less injury as compared to concrete. You can customize your flooring according to the needs and choices.

Bookshelves- If you love reading, then you know the worth of books. Moreover, it's very important to keep the books efficiently. Some people prefer book racks to place the books but believe me, the bookshelves is one of the options that give your room an aesthetic look. You can even customize the book shelves according to your feasibility. Nowadays, to place the books in a mannered form, there are different types of bookshelves that can be manufactured. Some of them which can be customized in style are- along with the bedside, below the central table, on the couch arm rest, and in the lobby.    

Dining table- Dining table is one of the items that needs to be classy because this is the place where you can talk, eat and enjoy with your whole family. In this busy world, you can just be together with your family on the meal time. Therefore, customizing the dining table is one of the great choices you can make. If you find rectangular or oval shaped (which are very common) dining tables boring, then you must customize them according to your needs.

Custom spiral staircase-
Staircase is one of the most elegant pieces that give aesthetic look to your home. Whenever somebody enters in your home, stairs get noticed instantly. If it is wooden staircase then it is the amazing piece that lasts years. Wood is one of the best materials for making stairs as need very less maintenance.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

How To Measure The Custom Spiral Stairs?

When a homeowner opts for a custom spiral stairs, one of most important things they need to provide is the measurements. Don’t get upset. Let us get you in on a secret: measuring the spiral staircase is very easy. Start with creating the rough sketch of the place where your custom spiral stairs will be located. Once the sketch is done, you can begin taking the measurements adding the same to your sketch.

1. Height of the stairway

The measurement of the height of the staircase is taken from the finished flooring of the lower level and the flooring of the upper level. If you are building a new house and the flooring is not yet finished, then provide the information about the sub-floor on the upper as well as lower level. You will also have to provide information about the thickness of the flooring that you have selected. It is very common to measure the height from the ceiling. Do not make that mistake. This will make your stairway short.

2. Area of stairway
After measuring the height of the stairway, next thing you do is measure the area where you want your custom spiral stairs. There are two ways to measure the area. The first method is to measure through the balcony. You will need to provide the length of the balcony to calculate the length of the railing required. Next method is measuring through well hole. For the round well hole, you measure the diameter (rough as well finished). For any other shape, you have to measure all sides.

3. Any special circumstances

If you want to add any special add-ons to the stairs, you can ask your contractor and get the measurements they require. This works best when you are opting for custom spiral stairs.

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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Why should you opt for the wooden staircase?

If your home has more than one level, you know how important is to have stairs. While some might believe that stairs are just a necessity, stairs are actually the part of your home that can be used to make it chic and elegant. The staircase, especially wooden staircase are the focal point of any home. They are the ultimate way to accent your house and give it a much-needed twist. The shape, strategy and the design of the staircase are as important the material used.


Reasons to choose wooden staircase
One of the best features about wood is that it adds texture and warmth to its surroundings. When used in staircase, it enhances the home and gives it a fresh look. Another ability that wood has is to make space look large and give  home a new angle.

Easy to maintain
The wooden staircases are easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned. The regular mopping and dusting will do the trick. The dark colored wood hides the stain and dust and the light colored wood brightens the space. You don’t need to spend tons of money to keep your staircase fresh and classy.

Complements decor
Wood has always remained in trend as it complements all kinds of decor. Whether it is stone, chrome or unique texture. You will always find a way to incorporate wood into your home.

With wood, durability goes hand in hand with elegance. The natural characteristic of wood to look classy with time works best with wooden staircase. With proper maintenance, the staircase will remain the most loved feature year long. Also, they add huge value to the estate.

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