Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why People Go For The Traditional Look In Wooden Staircases?

Do you know about the different styles in wooden staircases? If no, then you must know that mainly there are two styles – traditional and modern. Traditional is a style that provides the old fashioned look in interior while the modern one shows the more of latest designs in wooden stairs.

However, many people go for the traditional look in wooden staircases. Why? Here is the answer –

A homey look – These wooden stairs provide a homey look to your house’s interior, which is an aspect that everyone wants to obtain for their homes. It adds an old fashioned yet comfortable style to your house. It shows character, which attracts attention.

Simply exquisite – Simple designs of traditional staircases look simply exquisite in a home. Their simple, beautiful and alluring designs give a contemporary look to your interior. It can easily blend with your interior effectively increasing the beauty of your house.

Many options in wood – In modern stairways, usually other materials are included too such as metal and glass. On the other hand, traditional stairs are usually made up of wood including treads and hand rails. So, you can get many options in wood to choose from.

It includes woods like cherry, oak, maple, poplar, Brazilian cherry, and more. You can choose any of these woods for your staircases.

Safety – Traditional stairways are built with proper handrails, large treads etc. They are usually designed in curved or straight style. They are simple designs, which make stairs safer especially for small children and elders. With handrail, it becomes easier for one to ascend or descend staircases. Compared to some modern styles where design is complex, it is a much safer option.

If completed with custom wood handrails and balusters, traditional stairways can be the perfect choice for your house. However, you must choose a style that can blend perfectly with your home’s interior.

There are many wooden stairs manufacturers who can design and make the perfect staircases for your residential building. You can share your style and design ideas with these manufacturers to get desired results.

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