Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How Wooden Staircases Can Conceptualize Your House’s Interiors?

Whether you are designing a new home or trying to modernize your present one, you do need the right kind of designer staircase, as it can add a unique sense of style to your house. Elegantly designed staircase draws everyone’s attention. However, at the time of designing stairs, several things should be kept in mind, like-
  • The staircase should be in sync with the style of the rest of the house.
  • How much space do you want to invest?
  • Do you want it smart and trendy or vintage and classy?
Stairs are used very frequently, so you cannot ignore its functional aspect as well.
Different materials used for staircases like wood, steel, or marble provide a different sense of styling. However, it has been seen that most of the people go for wooden staircases due to their durability and styling quotient.
In wood, there are different options like Brazilian cherry, oak, cherry, maple, poplar etc.
Open riser stairs are in trend these days. These stairs provide the mean of spreading the light through the core of the rooms. Open risers work well with large as well as small areas.
They are engineered using either steel rods or half-shaped riser down stands to uphold conformity with building convention.
Wooden Staircases are categorized into various types-
  • Hexagonal geometry stairs- these stairs have wooden steps that are hexagonal in shape and provides support with stainless steel made rods.
  • Integrated column stairs – this kind of stair case consists of fewer spirals made up from wood.
  • Saddle stairs- these stairs do not consist of risers. The steps are put on the rise triangle shape.
  • Inserted stairs- Steps of these staircases are slid into insertion opening. These stairs do not have risers.
  • Mortised stairs- each step is inserted into the holes and have risers.

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