Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Did you know why homeowners choose spiral staircases over other options?

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Whether you are searching for a staircase design for your new property or want to upgrade the existing one to beautify it, your search ends with a spiral staircase. It adds elegance to house with its nice and stylish look. Spiral staircase is one of the finest ways to brighten up your entire house, especially when designed and installed by a professionals of the industry.
There are number of reasons behind increasing popularity of spiral stairs and some of the main reasons why people prefer to invest in them are given below-

It Saves Space- One of the main reasons why people prefer spiral staircase is because it takes less space than other available options. There are particularly convenient for small houses or properties with limited spaces.

Economical Alternative- It is a cost-effective option, as these staircases are easier to design and install. It reduces the labor cost and enables homeowners to get the job done in their preferred budget. Thus, it is also an ideal choice for people with limited or restricted budget.

Customizing Options- There is no shortage of shapes and styles and these stairs can be used for both indoors as well as outside. One can also get it customized to suit their desires or requirements. You can get it all organized as per your comfort.

Even Though you can get your spiral staircase made of any material whether it’s glass, iron, or steel, but wood is the most preferred material because of its durability, sophistication and natural appearance. Wood is considered to be the safest option when it comes to sudden falls or slips, especially when you have kids and elder people in your family. On the other hand, it requires less maintenance and you can expect to last it for decades.

To get a wooden spiral staircases that will redefine the beauty and elegance of your house, you need to get in touch with professional wooden staircase manufacturers. These experts of the industry use their years of experience and knowledge to design and install a staircase that will give your house more sophisticated look and will increase its value. Do not make any final choice until you have a good idea about the staircase and the contractor who will be working for you.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Are You Considering Straight Staircase For Your House? Here Are Few Advantages!

Medium that connects two levels of floors in a building is staircase. These are of variant types. Most commonly build staircase in houses are straight stairs. In contrast to curved staircase, which consists of landing in between, these are straight in design and have no landing.

Here are few of the advantages of straight staircases-
Affordable- Construction of straight staircase cost less as compared to other types of staircases such as U-shaped or curved. This is because building such staircase requires no complex construction.
Easy to build- Construction process of such stairs is much simpler as compared to other types because no landing is there and no curves are required to construct when building curved stairway.
Less time consuming- With easy to build feature, these stairways take less time for construction in construct a curved or platform staircase.
Elegant look- With simplicity of straight staircase also come elegance. Material used for building straight staircase provides an elegant look adding beauty to the house.
Uninterrupted view- People walking on these stairs have a clear view as compared to curve stairs that has a risk of colliding with the other person coming from the other end.
Safety- With feature of uninterrupted view safety is also assured because it offers a clear view of the stairs. Hence, there is lower chance of falling or colliding in straight stairways in contrast to curved staircases because a lot of attention is required when going up or down on curved stairs.
Wide design options- Just like curved stairways add beauty to the house straight staircase can also provide an attractive look. With wide design and material options such, as wood or glass it also provides a unique touch to the ambiance of house.
From the above provided information, you must have got an idea about the advantages of straight stairs. So, if you are planning to build your house or reconstruct it, then do not miss out this most important factor of building staircase.
Before you finalize a staircase, make sure you have taken three factors into consideration-
  1. Architects perspective- Foremost aspect before finalizing a staircase is having words with architect. According to the size and aesthetics of your house, he will help you out in choosing the best stairways.
  2. Resident perspective- Next factor to consider is resident perspective about the stairs. According to the usability, size, and space of the house best stairs are to be selected.
  3. Monetary perspective- With looks and quality of stairs come money factor as well that completely depends on the clients pocket.