Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Features That Make Spiral Stairs The Best Choice For Small Houses

Do you only a little room left for staircases in your new home? Is the lack of space in the house causing problems for you to decide on the type of stairs? In these situations, wooden spiral staircases might be the best solution for you. Following are the top features that make these stairs the best choice for your small home –
 It can be installed in small spaces – These staircases take up very little room, which allows them to fit in small spaces. It can provide convenient access to different floors of house while occupying small space. Compare to the traditional ones, these stairways can be installed in small and congested places.
However, you can get these stairways in different sizes too, depending on the space you have planned for it. It can easily complete your house’s requirements. This is the reason why these wooden stairways are considered the best for small homes where space is an issue.
It comes in various beautiful designs – It gives an artistic appearance to your house with its delicate and exquisite designs. You can choose an attractive design in these wooden staircases. It can also match with the existing features of your interior, which can increase the beauty of your home. Therefore, it provides a unique look to your interior with its curves and spirals.
It can easily blend in interior whether it is modern or old-fashioned. It makes these stairs one of the most favored choice of people for homes. Compare to regular stairways, it brings a refreshing variation for your interior. You can also get custom designs for your home that shows your style in interior.
It is cost effective – Spiral stairs are also a cost effective option for those who are on a budget. It can be installed at relatively less cost compare to traditional ones. It is smaller and easier to build as well as install. It reduces your costs on its installation.
However, you must know that wooden stairways require maintenance too. With some regular cleaning, these staircases can last for years while maintaining its natural beauty. If you are looking for a space saving and exquisite option in stairs, then spiral is the best choice for you. But, you should always make sure that these staircases meet the requirements of your building codes. It usually includes treads’ height, width, stairs design and more.

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