Monday, 27 July 2015

Which type of wood is considered the best for stairs?

Wooden stairs have been a vital part of any building whether commercial or residential. However, choosing one type of wood for stairs can be a little confusing as there are many different kinds. So, which one you should choose for your house? Which one is the best type of wood for staircases?

Here are the features and qualities of different timber types that can help in making one choice –
Oak – It is known for its strength and is very durable. It can resist various harmful factors such as shrinking, cracking and warping. This is the reason why it becomes most house owners’ choice when it comes to wooden staircases. There are different types of oaks such as white and red. Choose the most apposite one for your home’s stairs.
Poplar – It is another strong wood that is used to build stairways. It is usually light in color but it can be painted according to interior (if necessary). It is a rather flexible hardwood, which makes easier for manufacturer to build and install staircases. It is also available in different kinds or color, which widens the range of options for you. Choose the one that matches your interior or one that can be turned to match your house’s interior.
Cherry – Cherry is available in various dark shades. In addition, it may darken over time. It is one of the most common timbers used to building stairways. Reasons behind its immense popularity are durability, excellent colors, and strength. It can give your home a classy look with its elegance and sophisticated shades.
Maple – This wood is known for its excellent finish. It is available in multiple shades and with grain, which increases your options. It is included in hardwood and widely used for stairs building all around the world.
Santos mahogany – It is one of the top quality dark colored woods, which is used for stairways building. It is known for its durability and excellent texture. It can resist various outside harming factors, which increases its life.
Brazilian cherry – It is a strong wood that helps in building strong staircases. It has resistance for several factors, which makes it durable.
From above mentioned or other options, you must choose the best wood (according to your requirements and budget) for building stairs at your home. In addition, get custom stairways and stair railings, which not only suits your house’s interior, but also provides convenience.

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