Tuesday, 6 March 2018

3 tips to find right tone and color of wood for custom stairs

There are endless ways to create perfect stairs. There are numerous ways to customize the wooden stairs. The best way is to match the wooden accents with the texture of the wood. Whether you have wooden stairs  in your home or at your workplace, a classic wooden trim or a perfect wood accent can balance out the whole room. Right style of stairs also enhances the features and balances the room putting a impact on the ambience of the room.

Selecting right kind of wood tone is crucial. It is the wood tone that sets the mood in the place. A simple room can be transformed into a perfect office or bedroom. Here are a few tips for selecting the right tone and color of the wood for your custom stairs.

Accent Wood with Cool Colors
If your room has cool colors such as purple, blue o green, then you should opt staircases made from rich wood colors such as oak, hickory of redwood. These woods would make your room look large, cool and calm. These woods are also perfect for custom staircases that are installed in small spaces with loads of natural light.

Accent Wood with Warm Colors

The warm colors blend with the warm tone of wood all the while reducing the contrast. These tones can make the room look friendlier and smaller. Thus, they are perfect for large living areas. Add yellow, red or orange tone to create a cozy and glowing ambience.

Keeping It Neutral

One of the most easiest ways to coordinate the colors in any room - large or small- is to opt for neutrals. With neutral colors, the undertone of wood does not matter. Colors such as taupe, ivory, gray, white or beige soften the undertone and go well with the wood of any shade. It also means that you will be able to decorate your room with bold accent colors and add a character to your room with bright throw pillows, curtains and more.

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