Thursday, 18 January 2018

How To Measure The Custom Spiral Stairs?

When a homeowner opts for a custom spiral stairs, one of most important things they need to provide is the measurements. Don’t get upset. Let us get you in on a secret: measuring the spiral staircase is very easy. Start with creating the rough sketch of the place where your custom spiral stairs will be located. Once the sketch is done, you can begin taking the measurements adding the same to your sketch.

1. Height of the stairway

The measurement of the height of the staircase is taken from the finished flooring of the lower level and the flooring of the upper level. If you are building a new house and the flooring is not yet finished, then provide the information about the sub-floor on the upper as well as lower level. You will also have to provide information about the thickness of the flooring that you have selected. It is very common to measure the height from the ceiling. Do not make that mistake. This will make your stairway short.

2. Area of stairway
After measuring the height of the stairway, next thing you do is measure the area where you want your custom spiral stairs. There are two ways to measure the area. The first method is to measure through the balcony. You will need to provide the length of the balcony to calculate the length of the railing required. Next method is measuring through well hole. For the round well hole, you measure the diameter (rough as well finished). For any other shape, you have to measure all sides.

3. Any special circumstances

If you want to add any special add-ons to the stairs, you can ask your contractor and get the measurements they require. This works best when you are opting for custom spiral stairs.

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