Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Interior Stair Railing- An Antique Piece In your Home

Staircase designs and materials is one of the most experimented architectural elements. The designs of staircase railings have evolved over the years with a variety of materials used for its construction. There are a number of factors that need to be considered while choosing the material of your stair railing such as the material resistance to the weather conditions, the stair design, and match to the exteriors of the house.

Here are a few staircase materials you can use for your stair railing-

Aluminum Stair Railing- One of the greatest reasons to choose aluminum stair railings is the anti-rust factor. This type of railing is the best option in the coastal areas or the areas where the moisture content in the air is high. The reason for the usage of the aluminum railing is that there is no effect of salt on the railing that is present in the air. The aluminum stair railing is also a fabulous choice for indoor stair railing designs because of its strength and lightweight. There is no need of any paint on this type of railing. The aluminum stair railings are powder coated.

Wood Stair Railing- Wooden stair railing is the best option which looks excellent at the entrance of the house. Wooden stair railings have been used in homes for thousands of years ago. They have been found in homes since 6000 BC. At that time, stairs were made from tree trunks. Stairs were used for functional reasons back in those days. Originally, stairs were used to help people get to higher ground to avoid unfriendly neighbors or predators. Now wooden stair railing is a style which looks quite fabulous in the home. The main advantage of this type of railing is durable, high-strength and have nice appearance. Moreover, they don't require much maintenance.

Metal Stair Railing- This type of railing includes wrought iron and steel spiral railing. This is the best option that can be used for the stairs that are outdoors. They are maintenance free if installed indoors, but require a lot of maintenance if installed outdoors.

So, if you are living in Brooklyn and want interior stair railing designs, consult your nearest and experienced manufacturers.

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