Friday, 27 January 2017

Tips To Plan And Build Custom Stairs For Your Home

There is no denying the fact that any project that involves more than one level will include a staircase. It directly points out that you need to make some important as your chosen stairs can either make or break the project.  Whether you are adding a second story to your home or building a brand new house from scratch, the Custom Spiral Stairs play a vital role to improve the aesthetic value of your home.

If we talk about the aesthetic level, it provides a powerful design element. These days it is very costly to build the custom stairs. You need to hire an expert who can help in enhancing the curb appeal of your home. Apart from the spiral  stairs, one can customize the stairs in various types.

  • A Straight Designed Stairs
  • A Circular Stair
  • An L Design

A professional craftsperson is efficient enough to design the perfect staircase design by ensuring that the whole project goes off without any hassle or hitch. Before hiring a contractor, make sure that you review their portfolios. Try to obtain at least three different bids before making a final decision.

Tips To Hire A Service Provider

  • Ask around friends and family whose staircases you appreciate.
  • Check the official site of the contractor.
  • Read the reviews on the official page.
  • Contact the previous clients who availed their services.
  • Check the sample work

Planning – Types and Shape
Once you hire a service provide, it is very important to determine where to place the stairs. Take your time to select the right type and the right shape of the staircase. It is very easy for those who are building a brand new house as the sky's the limit they can place the staircase wherever they like.
On the other hand, it gets very difficult for those who are adding a second story their home. You are supposed to work within a limited space. It is quite challenging to plan and build custom stairs for your home. So, you must be clear with what you are doing.

An appropriate craftsperson will outline the types and shapes as per your needs that fits into your available space.

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