Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Kinds Of Wood You Can Use For Millwork

Beautiful Interiors can make your house look exquisitely resplendent and beautiful woodwork can make it even more intricate, wowing your guests and everyone who visits your home. They are quite in vogue in Brooklyn nowadays. 

Choosing different designs from exquisite range of custom millwork, whether from an interior design magazine or a photograph you clicked of the interior at your friend’s house, you need to be wise enough while selecting the type of wood you want for your home. Different wood species offer different finish and benefits!

Following are the types of woods you can have :

Maple is one of the most favoured wood species for millwork offering variety between darker heartwood and lighter sapwood  as well as harder and softer options. Regardless, maple is strong enough to use for flooring, so it can look amazing in nearly any application.


Cedar is also really well liked, offering a slight red tint, a straight grain and classic cedar smell. It is a softer wood but looks good in many environments.


Walnut is a harder species, having a rich and deep color and wonderful durability. Walnut is commonly used for accent pieces.

Red Oak

Red oak is one of the hardest woods having a zigzag wide grain, which makes it especially beautiful for custom millwork and interior design fit-outs.


Mahogany is well known for its deep reddish brown and gorgeous texture. It is very susceptible to staining, and is outstanding for fit-outs and millwork.
Gorgeous interior design is just one of many benefits you gain from working with a custom millwork company. Whatever you decide, they can design it according to your taste and cost boundaries and impress your friends and guests that come to your place.

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